One of the most common questions that people ask when shopping for a prelit Christmas tree is what size should they get? There is no perfect one size fits all solution for those who are looking to make this type of tree, the tree that their family uses for years to come. While many people may simply answer with a 6 or 7 foot tree, there are a few other things to take into consideration to find the tree that best fits the room in which it will be put.

How to Choose the Perfect Size Prelit Christmas Tree for Your Home

  1. What are the size of the ceilings? Most regular homes have an 8 or 9 foot ceiling height. This means that you can easily go with a tree that is 7 foot in height.
  2. Is your tree topper rather large? Before you decide that with a 9 foot ceiling, I’ll go with an 8 ½ foot tree, remember the topper! Too many people forget this and find that using their topper is out of the question. How large is the topper? If this is rather large, then factor in its size before deciding on the height of the tree that you buy.
  3. Are you restricted on floor space? If you find that you have a smaller room in which this tree will be placed, then you may find that getting a pencil type of prelit Christmas tree is the best way to get the look that fits your home. These pencil thin trees are super thin and made to easily fit into corners of smaller homes or apartments.
  4. Do you have a certain type of tree in mind? Pre-lit trees are going to come in a variety of colors and shapes. You need to decide on just what it is that you want in a Christmas tree before purchasing. There are those that are have darker and dull branches, while others may be in lighter in color. While this will not affect the size of the tree, it will affect the overall look which is something to keep in mind as well.

Remember, it is better to go with a smaller tree that fits into your home, than to get something that is too big and overpowers it. The average tree is 6 to 7 foot in height, as most people find that even if they move, this tree will be one that will fit into their new home.