The Pros and Cons of Mixing and Matching Artificial Christmas Tree Themes

One of the most common questions that people have when it comes to their artificial Christmas trees is what theme that they should pick? After all, when talking about the holidays and artificial Christmas trees, family and friends often immediately ask how are you going to decorate this year? Decorating your Christmas tree is something that many people think about throughout the year, not just right before the month of December starts. For those who are just now thinking about what they want to do with their tree this year, then they may be already looking at all the themes that are out there and whether they are something that is going to fit their individual needs.

One question that many people have is whether they can mix and match different themes to make something that is totally unique? The answer is most definitely yes! However, you have to do this just right in order to make this theme come to life. There is nothing that is more heartbreaking than finding two elements from two different themes and trying to combine them to the point that they do not work…it ends up much like water and oil…it does not mix well!

Tips for Successfully Mixing and Matching themes on Artificial Christmas Trees

So, how can you make sure that the themes you love for your artificial Christmas trees are going to match and be something that you can easily put together? Here are a few tips:

– Try to go with complementary colors from each theme if possible. The good news is that neutrals like gold or silver, and even white, are going to go with just about any other color that you may be choosing.

– If you know that you love a certain ornament like snowflakes, then you can pretty much put this into anything. Snowflakes could be hung with nutcrackers, bulbs, etc. The key for you is to find some type of all-around ornament that works with this theme.

– Don’t forget the traditional bulb…available in an array of colors this can be worked into any theme that you may have chosen for your artificial Christmas tree.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter if the colors are matching or the decor is not complimenting each other. It is all about what makes you happy when it comes down to it. So, if you want to wacky and wild go with it…if you want to use four different theme elements, then go for it!