How to Keep your Flocked Christmas Tree from Shedding: Tips and Tricks

Wondering how you can keep your flocked Christmas tree from shedding? Read through!

This step-by-step guide will definitely come in handy for your trees.

Put on old clothes, like the ones you use for painting – no fleece! It’s really hard to remove the flocking material from fleece due to how it attaches!

During the setup of your flocked Christmas tree, keep pets away from the flocking so they don’t carry it around the house!

Turn off ceiling fans and close nearby registers, so the air won’t spread the flocking.

If you need them, get a timer, an extension cord and an old shower curtain or cotton sheet, chair-leg sliders for the tree stand, as well as a step stool or ladder.

Get out scissors if it’s a new tree you recently bought, and cut off any tags as you go. When the tree is set up, pull out your vacuum cleaner and clean up the flocking.

Invest in a High-Quality Flocked Tree


As you put the tree up, walk as little around the house as possible to prevent flocking from falling everywhere!

Connect the timer and extension cord to the wall socket. You can set the timer however you’d like.

If you are placing the flocked tree at a distance, move the box close to the tree. And right there, you will find a tree stand.

The stand should be unwrapped inside the box (to keep any flocking in the box), and then assembled.

Place tree stand very close to the tree’s final location and affix felt pads to the bottom of stand legs to keep hardwood floors from scratching.

 Drape a tree skirt over the stand and cover extension cords.

 Pull the extension cord (the plug end) up through the tree skirt’s middle opening and place it close to the middle of your tree stand.