Christmas, for many, begins when the trees go up. Even so, most people will purchase their set of Christmas ornaments once, be it Santa or reindeer or any of those ever-present red or green balls, and may never upgrade them. As long as they’re only used during the holidays, they should last quite a while.

Oftentimes, people decorate their trees with items their kids made while in school, as though they were doing so out of duty. However, those Disney Christmas ornaments and candy canes may still remain significant if they are stored safely-or simply hidden at the rear of a tree.

Although sentimental ornaments and family heirlooms will always make a mark, there are times when you just want a stunning centerpiece for your living room. Here are some of the best options you can find on the market:

Christmas ornament commemorating Jay Strong water’s 25th anniversary


This designer from New York is notable for stunning annual ornaments. To celebrate his silver jubilee, he crafted this hand-painted, mouth-blown, jeweled glass piece. It is definitely an eye-catching bit that upgrades every home. 

For display, you may utilize the golden stand capped with some red stylish bow. 

The Lalique Merles and Raisins Ornament

A first look at this ornament might trick you. It seems more like a medal than an actual Christmas ornament.

Featuring archival designs from around 1928, this red, flat crystal piece will make your space look great. It comes with amazing sparkles that make you want to smile hard. Stunning and delectable crystal pieces in the form of grapes and black birds are hallmarks of the French Maison Lalique.

Eternal Star Ornament by Swarovski Atelier Daniel Libeskind

Starchitect-designed ornaments’ irregular form explains why they are ideal for classic, minimalist settings. Hand-drawn stars adorn the interior, making it reminiscent of tradition.