The Beauty of Bulbs: Why Artificial Christmas Trees Need Ornamentation

When you think of artificial Christmas trees and decorating these, there are probably tons of things that come to mind. You may be thinking about the lights that are strung on these trees, the garland that is hung and the different themes that you can use to show your personality. However, one of the most often use ornaments in just about any theme out there are bulb ornaments. These plastic or glass round ornaments are often just called bulbs by those who love decorating. But, do you know the history behind these bulb ornaments?

These originated in Germany, much like the use of artificial Christmas trees did. Hans Griener started to make these ball ornaments that they called baubles during the 1800s. They were actually the first manufactured Christmas ornaments out there! The idea was brought to America by F.W. Wollworth in the 19th century, and they took off. In fact, he sold around $25 million worth of these bulbs each year! They were glass of course, so they had to be handled with care. Eventually, they were made with injection molding with plastic to get the bulbs that we know today. A fun fact about these is that they were originally made to be round just like the fruits and nuts that people would use before the manufacturing of ornaments became a thing.


The Evolution of Christmas Ornamentation: From Candles to Bulbs

Nowadays, bulb ornaments on artificial Christmas trees are available in a wide array of colors, some are covered in glitter, some have hand painted designs on these…the options are really endless. These bulbs are often used as fillers for the theme that people choose,, since they come in such a wide variety of sizes that they are perfect to decorate these artificial Christmas trees in locations that may be lacking any other ornaments.

How can you use bulb ornaments on your trees this year? There are several options!

1. You can use these as fillers just make sure that they are going with the color theme that you have.

2. You can decorate the tree in its entirety with these bulbs, just be sure to use a variety of sizes to give an even fuller look to the tree.

3. Use these bulbs in decorations that are not just on the tree. Many people are using these bulbs in table decorations, decor around windows and even decor around fireplace mantles.

Whatever you do, you will find that there is a place for you to use this versatile bulb ornament!