Get Festive with These Creative Christmas Photo Shoot Ideas

The holidays are all about spending time with loved ones and making memories. Do you want a fun way to be able to capture those memories forever? Why not do a holiday photoshoot? You’ll have fun, and you’ll have a treasure to keep forever in the form of a photograph.

You can always wear nice clothes for your family photo, or you can shake things up a bit if you’re not going for traditional. Need some fun ideas to get started?

  • Wear your favorite sports jerseys
  • Wear fun pajamas
  • Use costumes
  • Do you play different instruments? Include those in your photoshoot
  • Bring your pets into the photos
  • Wear Santa hats, ugly sweaters or other fun holiday items
  • Make it old-fashioned black-and-white or Western themed
  • Visit a Christmas tree farm to get some good shots between the trees
  • Do an exclusive couples photoshoot just for fun, you can even make it a sexy photoshoot

How to Capture the Perfect Holiday Family Photo


The options are endless. The more creative you are, the more fun and unforgettable the experience will be. Life is short—these are the moments to live for with your loved ones.

Tri-pods and remotes are great when you don’t have someone there to take your picture. But if you want to go for a professional touch, you can always visit your local department store’s professional studio, like those in Walmart. 

If you’re traveling to a new city, download the Airbnb app, and under “Experiences,” you can hire a local to take you around to the most scenic places in the town and take your pictures for an affordable price! This is especially wonderful during Christmas when they can do a photoshoot under the lights at night. I did this recently in Lisbon, and the results were amazing! 

To get your pets in the picture, they’ll be most comfortable (and cooperative) for the picture in your home. Why not make the lights of your artificial Christmas the backdrop of your photoshoot? 

Already after Christmas? You can save these photos for next year’s Christmas cards.

Choose the most colorful clothing you have. If you’re outside, in winter, dark clothes will not complement your photos as much. 

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