A favorite family holiday tradition is buying an artificial Christmas tree and unboxing it right within the home. Pre-lit or not, there’s no doubt that most LED Christmas trees usually come compressed during shipping. You can give your 7 foot artificial Christmas tree a much fuller shape by fluffing it a bit.

Wondering how that works? Read on!

The following tips will help you fluff your artificial Christmas trees this Christmas and add some more natural feel to your space: 

Prepare the ground

Make sure the area where you want to fluff your tree is clean, even, and free of obstacles. Allow yourself plenty of room. And if you’ve got a pre-lit tree, plug in all lights to be sure the bulbs are working. Thus way, you easily detect faulty bulbs and get a view of what your artificial Christmas tree would look like.

Get Gloves


You should wear gloves to prevent scratching or irritation from the needles. Fluffing your artificial Christmas tree is a lot easier with gloves on, since your hands can glide across branches and tips easily.


You should focus on one tree section at a time to avoid gaps. Starting with the base section is best, since it is usually the biggest and requires most fluffing. And as you progress outward, spread the tips of those innermost branches.

 Use the outer tips to create volume by pointing them in separate directions. Continue fluffing each layer of the tree until the whole tree is covered.

Check from a distance

Study the completed product, then readjust the branches as you find necessary. Create the desired effect for your branches by tweaking branch tips with a picture of the tree as a guide. Your Christmas tree lights should be evenly distributed, and the branches should be wide enough to hold ornaments, ribbons, and any other accessory you wish to add to your tree.