The Rise of Unlit Artificial Christmas Trees: A Growing Trend in Holiday Decor

When the holidays roll around, there seem to be tons of trees everywhere. You go into a store and you are going to see giant displays that have tons of ornaments and lights on them. If you get online, you are going to find that there are always blogs and websites showcasing the latest designs when it comes to trees. However, what you will probably see more of are unlit artificial Christmas trees being used more and more. These are trees that are absent of the lights that are normally seen on trees. But, what many people are asking is why are these unlit artificial Christmas trees gaining in popularity? There are many reasons!

Why Unlit Artificial Christmas Trees are Becoming a Popular Choice among Shoppers


1. Unlit artificial Christmas trees are basic, and for many people, this is going to fit their themes even better.

2. Many people prefer to not have lights as they do not want to deal with these getting burned out, and they want to save as much energy as they can each year.

3. They can be great for paying homage to your ancestors who did not have lights on these trees.

4. It allows you to decide if you want to use lights or not, as you can always string your own lights onto these trees.

5. These types of trees can be beautiful with certain themes out there as it is all about the décor on the tree rather than the lights taking center stage.

These types of trees are becoming more popular for many people, for many reasons. Is this something that you would consider in your home? Since there are no lights on these trees, it does give you more options than if you were to be locked in with trees that have tons of lights on them, so they are definitely worthy of considering. 

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