One of the biggest benefits of a prelit Christmas tree is that your tree is already equipped with lights. So, you get to skip the step of trying to get these lights perfect on the tree. Prelit Christmas trees are going to have the lights already placed where they need to be, which makes decorating your artificial Christmas tree all that much easier! For those who are getting ready to decorate their tree, here are a few tips that can help you to get that tree that looks as though it should have its own picture on social media sites like Pinterest or Instagram, or even in a home magazine!

  1. Be even with the ornaments that you are placing onto the tree. Don’t let the tree be side heavy in terms of one type of ornament. This is why it is best to have a collection of various ornaments that you are using. Not only should you worry about making the sizes match on each side, but also the colors, especially if you are going for one theme!
  2. You do not have to hang an ornament on each branch! This could be too much. However, you will want to have enough ornaments that the tree does not have any bare spots.
  3. Make hanging ornaments easier through using hooks instead of string. Plus, if you get dark green hooks, it can almost make these ornaments look as if they are hanging magically on the tree!
  4. Have the lights on while you are hanging your ornaments. Why is this important? You will find that this can make it easier to ensure that no lights are getting blocked by ornaments and that you are hanging those light reflecting ornaments in the right spot!
  5. Be sure to hang the ornaments on the branch correctly. Those heavier ornaments are going to need to be hung further back on the branch, where it is stronger. You may find it necessary to almost sit these heavy ornaments on a branch below it to ensure it is safe and not going to fall.

If you follow these guidelines for hanging your ornaments, you will find that your prelit Christmas tree is going to look amazing. Remember, still, have fun with decorating your tree as this is part of having a great time during the holidays! There is no need to stress over decorating the tree, as whatever you do is going to be gorgeous!

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