The perfect world of a child was a pure euphoria I enjoyed while I was a kid. Back then, all I had to worry about was enjoying the carols, the different food we bake at home, and all of the fun the season brings. All the special moments from my childhood are the most precious memories I have as an adult. Christmas for me as a kid was nothing else but effortless fun.

But with growing up comes greater responsibility and more jobs to do. Not one of my favorite parts of getting older. A lot of panic and worries come along with growing up. These panics also affect Christmas. Now that you have gotten older, you have to worry about fixing some events for your loved ones and family. You also have to worry about the endless lists of family members coming from far and wide.

Isn’t it ironical that you have to plan for family members that you have not met the entire year? The strange-looking aunts and uncles that never call but you still have to be familiar with. The following instances show the worries that come with Christmas being an adult.

  • You used to visit Santa Claus when you were a kid. Now that you are an adult, visit from families you have not seen for the whole year is what you are expecting.
  • When you were a child, you used to receive countless gifts from your loved ones during Christmas. This is not the case anymore. You now have to use the little funds you have on you to get gifts for those that will come visiting.
  • All you had to do as a kid was to dress up and strike a pose for the camera. The table has turned now. You now have to pick a theme for the family photo as well as select the layout.
  • The baking activities in the house during Christmas were never one of your worries. Now that you have gotten older, you have to join in the preparations yourself.

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