The Christmas season is thrilling. There are many ways to catch fun and relax from all the stress and the routine of the year. The games, the joy, the laughter, and of course, the food all make the season worth every bit of the attention it gets. You want to organize fun games night with your friends and family, and you don’t have an idea what games you can play? My advice; Start with Secret Santa.

Secret Santa is a game that allows you to exchange gifts with your friends and family anonymously. If you would play this game, here is a guide.

1. Write your names

     Let each person write their names on a piece of paper. Be sure to remind them to write legibly. If someone has to confirm whose name they have picked, the game would be ruined already. Remember that it has to be anonymous.

2. Write your wish lists

    You don’t want people getting what they do not wish to as a Christmas gift from secret Santa. Let each person write a wish list to secret Santa. This list will give the other person an idea of what the recipient wants for Christmas. Secret Santa can shop more accurately this way.

3. Assign secret Santa to each person

     Let each person within the group pick names. They would be choosing the names and the list that way. Preferably, the list could be only a couple of items written on the same paper as the names.

4. Plan a party

   It isn’t just a party; it’s a gift exchange party. Let the participants have some time to purchase the gifts, then plan a party for the exchange.

5. Play the guessing game

┬áIt’s not enough to get the gifts, let people guess who picked their names. It would be so much fun meeting the secret Santa who granted their wishes.

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