Decorating your house with wreaths and garlands is one of the oldest traditions of Christmas. It is a sign of hope, re-growth, and regeneration, which is why people use wreaths to decorate their houses. You can still find these decorations in multiple designs. A major difference between the various garlands available is the traditional and specially designed ones. It is alright if you do not know if a custom wreath is better than a traditional one or vice versa. We will take a look at this matter and assess what works best in general. After reading this, you can decide for yourself.

Traditional and Specially Designed Artificial Christmas Wreaths

Following are the pros and cons of going for a traditional or specially designed wreath for your next Christmas décor.

The Traditional Wreath


A traditional wreath consists of flowers, leaves, fruits, and different assortment connected. These wreaths are a big part of Christmas decor and celebrations. Moreover, many people use these wreaths as ornaments during festival seasons. Other people also use them in ceremonial events around the world. These traditional wreaths have symbolism connected to them, which makes them special.

People use evergreens to make these wreaths since they show strength, regeneration, and life. These plants retain their greenery even during the coldest weather. You may also see laurel wreaths made of bay laurel.

These wreaths represent the advent season in Christianity, and people use these wreaths to decorate their houses for Christmas. However, there is a difference between Christmas wreaths and advent wreaths. You may see advent wreaths set on stands, while a Christmas wreath usually hangs on a door or a wall of a house.

Special/Custom Wreaths

People continue to use wreaths and garlands for decoration during festivals and events. However, you can find these wreaths in custom designs as well. These special/custom wreaths are a great option for anyone who wants flexibility and ease. They help owners save time and set their Christmas decorations quickly. You can find these custom wreaths in a wide variety of materials, including wireframe, moss, pinecone, etc. It all depends on how someone wants to decorate their house for Christmas.

The custom wreaths are a great way to accessorize the house without too much hassle. You can get pre-lit artificial Christmas wreaths that do not require anything. You need to connect them to a power source, and they fit well into your house. Most of the artificial wreaths are long-lasting since they consist of PVC. Therefore, investing in a specially designed Christmas wreath can solve your problems for a long time. These custom wreaths are more expensive but are worth it.


Both traditional and specially designed wreaths and garlands are a great way to decorate your home. It all depends on your priorities and how much time do you have. We hope this guide helps you get a better understanding of things and helps you make the right decision.