From the early bristle brush trees introduced in the 1930s, artificial Christmas trees have greatly improved. The Washington Post reports that 82% of US households report that artificial Christmas trees trump real ones since they’re more realistic and easier to set up.

You may want to switch to artificial trees this year because of these 3 reasons. Check it out!


If you purchase a fresh tree a few weeks before Christmas, it will still look good on Christmas Day, but it will be in poor condition on New Year’s Eve. If you wish to put up your tree early and keep it up for a longer period, artificial trees are ideal for you. If you string lights on a real tree, you may dislodge needles or damage the bulbs themselves. PRE-LIT CHRISTMAS TREES are hand-strung with different types of lights to maximize the light coverage. Many pre lit trees come with an easy plug that features built-in light connections to make your tree easy to light up.



A spark from a shorted electrical light or an open flame can set fire to dried needles. With proper care and precaution, pre lit artificial Christmas trees should be less likely to cause a fire. Asthma attacks, runny noses, and sneezing can all worsen with the presence of a real Christmas tree indoors. Synthetic Christmas trees don’t cause this allergy because they use synthetic materials.


A real tree typically costs more up front, but artificial trees can be used repeatedly rather than being thrown away after the holidays. By investing in an artificial Christmas tree from Balsam Hill, you’ll save money in the long run, as real tree prices continue to rise every year.