When you see an artificial Christmas tree in the adorable company of very alluring Christmas lights, you can be sure you have seen a pre-lit Christmas tree. A pre-lit Christmas tree is nothing more than an artificial Christmas fir tree that has already been decorated and wired before purchase. Cool!

I once encountered a young man in the city of Erie in Colorado who found it very difficult to purchase a tree for Christmas. I had also visited that store that day to grab a pre-lit Christmas tree myself. I met him moving from one section of the store to another, obviously not so sure of what he was there to buy.

I moved closer to him and it was in the midst of our conversation that I discovered that he was there that day upon the request of his family to get a pre-lit Christmas tree. Well, I had to help him out.

Many persons do not have an idea of what a pre-lit Christmas tree could look like when they see one. However, for the purpose of this article, I will be taking you through a voyage on the sea of artificial or if you like pre-lit Christmas trees.

•           The Lights

The lights sometimes are fiber-optic lights, sometimes they are LED lights and they can also be mini bulb lights.

•           The Packaging

Sometimes, it is packed as a kit that you will have to assemble by yourself before you plug it into a power source. It can also come as an already completed tree.

•           The Bulb and the Tree Size

While smaller trees come with fiber optic bulbs, trees of larger sizes come with traditional strands of normal bulb lights.

•           Expensive Trees and the Lights

Expensive trees also come with LED lights that are energy-efficient.

•           They are Electrical Products

Pre-lit trees are seen as Electrical Products.

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