Staying fit is hard, and when the holidays come around, many of us let out fitness goals go right out the window. 

With all the cookies, candy, and other high-calorie goodies, packed with our busier than usual schedules (leaving less time for the gym), it is a recipe for disaster. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Grab your sneakers as we discuss the easiest ways to stay fit during Christmas. 

Gift Yourself with a Gym Membership

November/December is a great time to join a gym. Before all the new year’s resolutionists sign up around January first, the end of the year is when many gyms experience lows in customer sales and this why you can find some fantastic deals, even on personal training! If you’re new in the gym, it’ll be easier to get confident with a gym that’s less busy than usual. Get started on your goals early, and the results (both physical and financial) will undoubtedly pay off. 

Pick Up Your Phone

I bet you didn’t expect to read that. But seriously, pick up your phone. Go straight to the App Store and download a fun fitness app that’s sure to keep you motivated. Best of all, most of them are free! You can do just about anything at home: HIIT, Barre, yoga, and so much more. Get fit on your time, without having to leave your home.

Get Your Family and Friends in on It! 

A workout buddy or buddies makes workouts that much more fun. Fitness is good for you and your tribe, and you’re more likely to stick with your workout when you’re planning on it with someone else. Whether it’s burpees or air squats in front of your artificial Christmas tree, a run through the winter wonderland outside, or power laps around the heated mall—you can find creative ways to burn off those extra calories this holiday season.


Never skip the stretch. Need some inspo? Turn down the lights and bathe in the light of your artificial Christmas tree to prepare your mind and your body for your workout, like a warrior.

Use the 80/20 Rule. 

Feeling guilty about what you should and should not eat during the holiday season? Why not use the 80/20 rule? For 80 percent of your day, set yourself up for success with quality meals. Meal-prepping will be the most useful here! Then, 20 percent of the time, let yourself enjoy the treats of the holiday season in front of your artificial Christmas tree. You’re being good to yourself, while also not depriving yourself of the fun stuff. Many fitness professionals live by this rule, as it is most sustainable. 

Have yourself a Merry little fit-mas! We hope you enjoyed this article on the easiest ways to stay fit this Christmas. For more great articles like this one, please click here