The History of Flocked Christmas Trees: From Winter Wonderlands to Hollywood Glamour

A flocked Christmas tree can turn your dream of a white Christmas into a reality. No doubt, it’s easy to create a winter wonderland with tall evergreens dusted with faux snow.

Flocking is the application of white powder to bare branches of Christmas trees. You can get this popular look yourself using powders or store-bought sprays. You can also buy a faux tree that has already been flocked.

Face it, the twinkling lights of a flocked Christmas tree would bring back memories of the early-days Christmases you or your mother (or even your grandmother) have had in the past.

Flocked Christmas Trees vs. Real Trees: The Pros and Cons of Choosing a Snowy Alternative


During the mid-1900s, this wintry look also became popular for Tannenbaums and glittery tinsel ornaments became popular for decorating Christmas trees.

 Regardless, people were snowing their Fraser firs with pantry staples such as cornstarch and flour way before then. Christmas magic is brought indoors with frosty evergreen trees and the trend is here to stay. 

You can easily transform your Christmas tree by flocking it. Performing the task yourself will allow you greater control over the amount of “snow” that sits on the tree branches. Buy snow flocking spray-paint (this is $6 at Home Depot) or powder (this is $23 at Seasons Reflection) to use on a real or artificial tree.

Alternatively, you can purchase a tree that has already been flocked. Add festive decorations, such as metallic ornaments, bright lights and colorful garlands, to fill it with fun. You can allure your guests with a sparkling star or a wide bow with cascading ribbons.