When it’s the time of the year to get together with friends and family, put on your Christmas sweater and feast with your loved one. If you are hosting a holiday event, you’re probably already well into your preparations for the big day.

One thing that should also be part of your plan is keeping your guests and family safe.

Here are some tips for hosting holiday events:

Consider getting event insurance

If your guest list is longer than Santa’s “nice” list and you are looking to book a community center or restaurant for your event, you may be required to purchase insurance.

If you are serving alcohol, your event space may also require that you get alcohol liability in the case that your guests have had a bit too much to drink and hurt themselves or others.


Know your alternatives when you’re driving

When your event is over and the carols are all sung, it is important that you ensure that your guest gets home safely. If you are serving alcohol at your event be sure you have an alternative to driving your guest home.

You could call the cab or taxi for them in the case of drunken guests.

Even if you are not planning on drinking, it is important to ensure your vehicle is equipped for the weather. Winter road conditions can be unpredictable, so for everyone’s safety, be sure to have your winter tires on, brush the snow from your car and be visible on the road.

While making sure your flames are controlled, it is important that you keep flammable objects away from fireplaces and space heaters to avoid catching fire and be sure water real trees regularly. Keep the number of light you put on in and around your home.