Pre-lit trees are already decorated with clear or multicolored lights, which are a great option for those who want to save time and effort in decorating their tree. They are also cost-effective and offer versatility. On the other hand, you might consider adding more lights to a pre-lit Christmas tree. If you think that the decorations dimmed the existing lights, you can always add more lights to brighten the color scheme. When adding lights to a pre-lit tree, you can use a separate power source rather than connecting them to the existing lights

The best light for enhancing a prelit Christmas tree

  • LED T5 Mini Lights

 These mini lights look almost identical to traditional incandescent Christmas tree lights but with all the advantages of LED technology! They are especially popular with vintage Christmas tree decorators.

The T5 LED mini light strings can be connected on one run approximately 45 times!

  • 5mm led Christmas lights

Outdoor trees are most lit with 5mm LED bulbs, which is the most common size for LED bulbs. Wide angle LED bulbs have concave lenses, which produce a brighter halo of light than incandescent mini lights. Due to these differences in design, fewer bulbs are needed per foot when using 5mm LED mini lights. You can connect approximately 44 sets of five-millimeter mini-LED lights at the same time!

  • c7 Christmas light bulbs

This is a classic light bulb that is popular among Christmas enthusiasts because of its retro appearance and timeless design. In comparison to mini lights, C7 lights require far fewer bulbs because of their greater size and output. The bulb and light string are paired so installation is quick and easy. C7 bulbs and strings are available individually or as convenient all-in-one light sets.