Why Poinsettias are the Perfect Addition to Your Artificial Christmas Tree

When it comes to the many things that we associated with Christmas, one of those elements are poinsettias. These beautiful flowers have been used as Christmas décor for what seems like forever. There are those who buy artificial poinsettia and use these as décor on artificial Christmas trees to really bring the Christmas spirit to life. It is one idea that you can use for your own artificial Christmas trees. And even if you do not want to put these directly on the tree, you will find that setting out some of these flowers can help to complete your Christmas décor.

For those who are ready to turn their artificial Christmas trees into something that are going to use these beautiful flowers, then you should know a few fun facts about this flower that we have come to recognize as the official flower of Christmas!

Expert Tips for Using Poinsettias to Elevate Your Artificial Christmas Tree

1. These were approved to be used by the church in 600 AD!

2. These were introduced to the United States and North America in 1827 as they were first widely used in Mexico.

3. Scarlet is not the only color that these flowers are found in. Now they are found in white, pink and even mauve.

4. These flowers are easy to overwater, so watch it if you are getting real flowers to set around your home.

5. This plant is often in high demand during the entire month of December. So, if you plan on decorating with poinsettia’s you may want to start buying these when you find them so you are not left trying to find them during the rush.

6. Poinsettia’s are poisonous to cats, so be sure that you keep your pets away from these flowers!

Poinsettia’s can be the perfect thing that ties together not only your Christmas tree décor but your décor in general.