Christmas decorations are never complete without artificial wreaths and garlands. They add ardor and glamour to vogue spaces and give Christmas decorations an impeccable, cherished look.

But in case you’re wondering: What does it mean to fluff Artificial Wreaths and Garlands?

Artificial wreaths and garlands come in boxes and are liable to be compressed. It is important to fluff your artificial wreaths and garlands to restore them to their original state and shape.

Here’s how to fluff your artificial wreaths and garlands to create the catchy, lively look you so much desire

How to Fluff Artificial Wreaths

  • Immediately you unpack your wreath, lay it on a table or any flat surface. Ensure it is sitting on its frame side.
  • Lift each stem upward to separate them. Do this by starting from the bottom, steadily working your way up. If your wreath is double-layered, work on one layer at a time starting with the bottom layer.
  • Then, point all branches on the outer edge outward and the one on the inner edge, point inward. Point the ones in the center upward or any other direction.
  • Lastly, give your wreath a natural look by ensuring the frame is unexposed. Ensure the accents of decorated wreaths are visible.

How to Fluff Artificial Garlands

The processes are quite similar. Ensure the spine is facing downward before you commence fluffing. If the garland is thin, hang the garland before fluffing to preserve the spine’s integrity.

 If you’re suspending the garland on a flat surface, say a door or against a wall, leave the branches on the rear end flat to ensure better placement.

Lift and separate each branch as you work your way from one end of the garland to the other, adjust any stray branch and ensure no accent is hidden.

Artificial wreaths and garlands have bendable branches so you can easily wrap them around the lights if you want.