Flocked Christmas Trees: The Sparkle Theme Magic to Your Home

When you think of Christmas, you often think of all the sparkle and shine that comes with this holiday. Whether people are putting up tons of lights outside or indoors, these lights twinkle and shine making everything have that glimmer about it. For those who really want to bring some sparkle into their lives and their holiday decor, then making your flocked Christmas trees sparkle and shine is what you will find will really help to make this theme come to life.

When you have flocked Christmas trees, you are going to find that there are a variety of ways in which you can make this tree sparkle. Not only will using white lights help to make this theme come to life, but there are several ornament options that you can use on these flocked Christmas trees to really make the sparkle theme have some life.

Making the Most of Your Flocked Christmas Tree


1. Use a garland that is clear beads. You will find that when you put this onto the tree with the lights, then you are going to find it makes it glow. There are tons of ways in which people string this garland, rather this is the round method or the up and down method. It gives a look of illumination that is going to make the tree shine.

2. Use ornaments that are going to help highlight the lights. For example, gold or silver bulbs are going to reflect the light around them. Which also aids in the glow of the entire tree.

3. Hand icicles from the tree to help to bounce this light even more. The end result is going to be gorgeous and it will actually be fun to do for those who are having some little hands to help them with the decorating! When combined with the flocking, you are going to find that this is simply gorgeous!

If you don’t mind a mess you will find that silver tinsel is something that you can place inside this tree as well. You will find that this helps to illuminate the tree even more and make this sparkle come to life. In the end, you will find that this theme is one that is meant to make you smile. It is warm and welcoming, and it will be something that when people come to your home will admire as it is going to be beautiful.